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 Why trust PayPerTalent


We only recruit professionals with proven knowledge of Digital Marketing. We require our candidates to take a series of tests carefuly designed by our team of experts. 


Our team of recruiters is composed of multilingual professionals with extensive Digital Marketing knowledge. Because we believe that only a good professional can spot another good professional.


We guarantee that our candidates' language skills and level truly match the ones displayed on their CV. All interviews are carried out by our team of native speakers.

 Headhunting specialties


Google's ever-changing Search algorithms make it particularly difficult to find seasoned SEO professionals. At PayPerTalent, we only refer organic positionning gurus who live and breathe SEO.


Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Bing and Yahoo Advertising are our SEM candidates' bread and butter. We only recruit Google Adwords certified professionals with a demonstrated background in Online Advertising.


PayPerTalent relies on a talent pool of highly qualified Digital Analysts. We only refer Google Analytics certified candidates with a strong knowledge in Business Intelligence and reporting.


Real Time Bidding and Programmatic Buying are among the latest trends in Digital Marketing that lack qualified individuals the most. We recruit top Big Data experts with a strong command of the most popular DSP platforms.

Recruitment Consulting


We’re not just here to source candidates who know how to do SEO or use Google Adwords. Our mission is to find the right Digital Marketing talent that will help our clients grow their business in the long term.


That’s why we offer a consulting session at the beginning of each project to better understand your business goals and steer your Digital Marketing recruitment strategy in the right direction.



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