Skills to consider when hiring an eCommerce Manager


Market forecasts predict exponential growth in the eCommerce sector over the next 10 years. For this reason, more and more retail companies launch their operations over the internet, and those that are already present online are concerned with boosting their digital market share.

To do this, retail companies need to hire trained professionals to manage all their e-commerce operations. It is the role of the eCommerce Manager, which today is one of the most demanded profiles in the retail sector.

Skills to look for when hiring a Digital Analyst


The demand for Digital Analysts is constantly on the rise, as outlined by a recent study by EMSI. When surveying job postings across all industries, the study shows that 60% of postings for business operations occupations are calling for a skill related to data analytics.

This means that, if your company hasn’t yet resorted to hiring a Digital Analyst, it’s only a matter of time until it will.

At PayPerTalent, we have helped dozens of companies look for the best Digital Analytics talent available on the market. Based on our expertise, we have put together the following article about the main skills you should pay attention to before hiring a Digital Analyst for your business.

How to hire a Growth Hacker for your business


Growth Hacking profiles are increasingly in demand by start-ups in the Digital world. Companies such as AirBNB, Uber, TikTok and DropBox rely on teams dedicated exclusively to Growth Hacking, and many of those that today are known as successful multinationals would not have managed to survive in their early days without the support of Growth Hackers.


Click fraud Adwords/Google Ads - How to protect from bots


While the robots we were promised by 20th century science-fiction writers haven’t quite made their way into our daily lives yet, the same can’t be said about digital robots, also known as bots. Unlike the helpful robot companions seen in Steven Spielberg’s A.I. film, malicious internet bots are the kind of artificial intelligences digital marketers would be better off not having to deal with.

6 tips for hiring an email marketing expert for your company


For years the imminent death of email marketing has been announced by digital experts worldwide.

Some say that no one bothers anymore to look at the dozens of promotional emails that hit our inboxes, others say that consumer attention has been diverted to newer technologies (social networks, blogs and so on).

Digital Marketing Recruiters in Madrid and Barcelona: PayPerTalent’s DNA


Since its inception, PayPerTalent has been striving to become a reference in the Spanish Digital Marketing recruitment landscape.

Whether you’re a Digital Marketer looking for a job in Spain, or a client looking for Digital talent, you know how difficult it can be to go through a successfull recruitment process. And you probably know how recruitment agencies don’t always deliver the results expected…

How to hire great RTB talent for your business


Many companies today are becoming aware of the importance of hiring Programmatic Advertising and Real Time Bidding (RTB) profiles, since it is known that Google and Facebook Digital advertising networks are far from having a 100% user reach.

Whether it's through media agencies in search of talent to provide RTB services to their clients, or companies looking to internalise their Programmatic Advertising campaigns, the need for qualified AdTech personnel has grown exponentially in recent years in Spain.

How to hire MarTech talent for your business


Coined as an umbrella expression between the terms Marketing and Technology, MarTech is a buzz word that’s becoming increasingly used in the Digital Marketing landscape.

While Marketing Technology profiles are Digital Marketers in the first place, their profile is typically more technical than your average Marketing employee, and thus requires a wider set of soft and hard skills.

Proximity Marketing: How Beacon technology is revolutionizing the retail world


Although it's been around for a while in American malls, Proximity Marketing only began to be appear recently in Spanish shopping centres.

This new consumer habit is made possible through the use of small bluetooth devices called Beacons, which are discreetly placed in physical stores and allow data exchange in real time with users of a mobile application. All of this with the purpose of creating an Omni-channel experience, where customers benefit from the support of mobile technology when making purchasing decisions.

How to hire great Inbound Marketing talent for your business


Inbound Marketing is one of the most sought after Digital Marketing skills today, and most companies are willing to go to greath lengths in order to hire the best Inbound Marketers available on the market.

This trend is due to the fact that new generations of consumers no longer blindly rely on aggressive advertising messages that ony appeal to people's emotions.

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