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The top 10 Google Adwords job interview questions

That's it, you just got this long awaited confirmation in your mailbox that the company you've applied to liked your CV and would like to interview you for a Google Adwords Campaign Manager job. But how do you prepare for such an interview? Well, reviewing your Google Adwords certificate courses is certainly a good starting point. However, you may soon find yourself swamped with too much information if you decide to go through Google's tutorials. That's why in this post we've listed what we think are the top 10 recurring questions that you're likely to come across at a Google Adwords job interview.

How much should you be spending on a Digital Analytics Manager?

Digital analytics are fundamental to any business that is serious about having an online presence. This is an undisputed fact that most marketing directors are keen to embrace nowadays. But how much should a company be spending on digital analytics? Is your company spending the right amount of money on analysing its web traffic data?

7 tips to look for a job in Digital Marketing

If you are looking to launch your career in the field of Digital Marketing, now's the right time. According to official sources, the digital economy is growing as much as 10 times faster than other sectors of the economy, which will soon result in the lack of thousands of Digital Marketing professionals. In this post, we've listed 7 tips for those who are planning to dive in head first in the fascinating, yet ultra-competitve world of Digital Marketing.  

5 tips to find a good SEO Manager for your company

SEO is one of the most delicate areas of digital marketing. For a very simple reason: books and tutorials aren't very useful in an opaque discipline where search algorihtms are constantly changing, and where Google aren't too worried about informing people regarding these changes. Good SEOs shouldn't only be constantly learning about new trends in the world of search, they should also have enough common sense in order to understand Google's way of thinking, so as to be able to distinguish fake theories from genuine SEO truths.

Here are 5 tips we're suggesting you to follow in order to find the best possible SEO candidate for your company.