How to hire the best Digital Sales talent


One of the biggest challenges that B2B companies face in the Digital sector is developing their business by expanding their customer base. You may have set up the best Performance Marketing agency, or you may have developed a SaaS application capable of revolutionizing an industry, but it will be of little use if you do not have a sales force trained to acquire new clients.

At PayPerTalent, we have helped many SaaS companies and Digital Marketing agencies to find the best Business Developers. In this article, we will tell you about the most relevant criteria that we have identified in our Sales and Business Development talent search processes for the Digital sector.


¿What is a business developer?

A Business Developer, as the expression indicates, is a person whose mission is to develop our business through the sales channel. Depending on the type of company we have and depending on our strategy to attract Leads, the Business Developer will perform different functions.


¿What does a business developer do?


Client hunting

Many companies usually work with Inbound-type recruitment channels through search engines, social networks and other digital channels, which guarantee a continuous flow of Leads from companies interested in their services. However, sometimes what these channels provide us is not enough, and it is necessary to resort to Outbound type tactics, also known as customer prospecting. The prospecting of B2B clients is carried out through channels such as LinkedIn or Google, where our Business Developer will be in charge of identifying companies potentially interested in our services, to then contact these companies either through emails, linkedin Messages or cold calls.


The next step after getting a potential client interested in our services is to meet in person or by video conference to present our value proposition to the company. In that first call, an attempt will be made to establish a bond of trust, which can be supported by demos where the client can try our product if it is a SaaS-type service.

Sending proposals

Once our value proposition has been communicated to the client, the business developer will be in charge of sending the potential client a commercial proposal, backed by all available materials such as success stories from other clients, access to a demo of the product, client testimonials, etc.

Closing the sale

At the moment when our potential client confirm their interest in our service, it is when the Business Developer proceeds to organize the signing of the contract, either in person or electronically according to the company policy of each of the parties. This phase may involve a part of negotiation by our Business Developer, and coordination with other profiles in the company (legal, managers, etc.). 


 ¿What should be considered when hiring a Digital Business Developer?


Knowledge of Digital Marketing

An important requirement when interviewing a Digital Sales profile is their knowledge of the digital sector. If we are a Digital Marketing agency, it is important that our candidate has been working with SEM, SEO, email marketing, Programmatic, etc. at some point in their employment history. The candidate may have worked in digital marketing before moving into the world of sales, in which case they will surely have mastered these concepts. 

If you are a SaaS (Software as a Service) type company, ideally you should look for someone who has worked in a similar position, or at least someone from another SaaS company, since this will give the candidate a great advantage when creating demos of the platform for clients or explaining advanced technological concepts. 

Resilience and persuasiveness

Although in our case we are talking about Digital solutions, the sales process of a product or service is always the same regardless of its nature. That is why it is important to make sure that our candidate has a sales vocation before hiring a Business Developer. They should be a very extroverted, enthusiastic type of profile with a lot of resilience and persuasiveness. The classic interview question of "sell me this pen" can be decisive when it comes to identifying a profile capable of closing a sale. 

Client portfolio

This point applies above all to the world of Digital Marketing agencies. A candidate coming for an agency background will be able to bring an important portfolio of clients with whom they have previously worked. This is a great advantage when hiring someone in charge of acquiring new clients for our agency, since it will save us a lot of prospecting work and cold sales. That is why it is advisable to look for someone who is currently working in another media agency to help us develop our business.

In the case of SaaS companies, it is advisable to look for someone who has previous experience selling software in our industry, since in this way their client portfolio can also be useful for our company.








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