How much can you earn in Digital Marketing in the UK?

In the last few years, Digital Marketing has become one of the sectors with the highest in-demand jobs in the UK. Community Manager, SEM/SEO and web analyst profiles are highly regarded by companies of all industries, and each year there are new Postgrad and Master courses available to tackle the growing demand for qualified Digital Marketing workers nationwide. But just how much can you earn working in Digital Marketing in the UK? Is it worth salary wise to throw oneself in the arena of such a competitive sector?


To answer these questions, at PayPerTalent we've analysed salary data for the Digital Marketing candidates that we interviewed in the last couple of years over the UK market.


According to our study, the lowest salaries belong to Community Managers, with a minimum of 22.000£ gross annual salary up to a maximum of 45.000£ gross annual salary for more senior profiles. The median, that is the most frequent salary among Community Managers, would amount to 30.000£ gross annual salary. 


Profiles related with Performance, namely SEM, SEO and RTB landed second in our study, with a minimum of 25.000£ gross annual salary and a maximum of 50.000£. It's worth nothing however that on target earnings represent a big chunk of the gross annual salary for these profiles, as Performance marketing jobs are often times rewarded with bonuses. The most frequent (or median) salary in this case amounts to 34.000£.


Digital analysts hold the third position in our study, with gross annual base salaries ranging between 30.000£ and 55.000£ for Web Analytics experts, mostly in the fields of Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.


Among the highest paid profiles in our database are Digital Marketing Managers and Digital Marketing Directors. The formers earn between 35.000£ and 65.000£, while higher C-level profiles earn over 100.000£ annual salary.


Our study shows us how Performance still is the most valued sector for executive profiles, ahead of Community Management. This tendency is mostly due to the fact that, both for SEM/SEO and programmatic/RTB, results are easier to measure in the world of Performance than in Social Media where it's more difficult to quantify ROI. As a result, companies are naturally more enclined to pay higher wages and bonuses for jobs where results are easily and immediately quantifiable. It should be noted that Digital Analysis jobs also display higher than average salaries, likely due to the fact that it's rather difficult for companies to find qualified Web Analysts, hence their willingness to go the extra mile in order to find the rare gems out there. 


Taking into acccount all categories and work areas, our candidate's average salary amounts to 35.000£, that is around 32% higher than the average national salary in the UK. The median salary however (i.e. the most frequent, most "typical" salary) amounts to 30.000£, that is over 60% higher than what most people earn in the UK.


Average Digital Marketing Salaries in the UK

Community Managers: 33.500£

Performance Marketing Experts (SEO/SEM - RTB): 37.500£

Digital Analysts: 42.500£

Digital Marketing Managers: 50.000£

Digital Marketing Directors: 80.000£


Most frequent (median) Digital Marketing Salaries in the UK

Community Managers: 30.000£

Performance Marketing Experts (SEO/SEM - RTB): 34.000£

Digital Analysts: 38.000£

Digital Marketing Managers: 45.000£

Digital Marketing Directors: 70.000£


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