How to create your Digital Marketing team


A successful marketing strategy in the digital age requires a very diverse set of skills. Small businesses often try to hire all-rounder profiles that can cover, albeit more superficially, all the disciplines of digital marketing.

However, as Steve Jobs said in one of his famous motivational talks: "It doesn't matter how good you are in your job. At one point, you will have to surround yourself with competent people to continue growing. "

Here are the profiles you should look for to create a Digital Marketing team that will keep your business growing online.



The Copywriter is essential for the content creation process of a company. Copywriters are often perceived as cheap and easy to get employees. With so many platforms offering freelance copy services, nowadays it is easier than ever to find someone able to scrape relevant content from Google and reformulate it so that it can be exploited.

Now, finding a good professional who knows how to produce original and relevant content for your target audience is a very different challenge. If your products are technical or complex, it is essential to find someone with the necessary knowledge so that your audience can perceive you as a benchmark in the sector.

And this type of profiles requires a high level of loyalty to your company, because if your Copywriter decides to leave all of a sudden, you will have to go back looking for the rare gem and invest more time to form him or her.

The Copywriter is one of the essential pillars of your digital marketing team. Without a convincing copy, your business doesn't get attention, doesn't tell stories, doesn't convince, and ultimately doesn't sell. Getting content well written by someone who knows perfectly the unique history of your organization is not easy at all, and yet it is essential for a long-term branding strategy.


Web Designer

The web designer is the member of the team that shapes the culture and the differential value of your company through graphic digital supports. Their mind is typically focused on color and composition. They understand how design influences emotions, and make sure your brand is visually appealing.

Many corporate websites today are based on templates; While these are efficient and cheap, they do not present your company in a unique way. A good web designer should come up with original designs and surprise your digital audience.

This is another part of the marketing world where you can find cheap freelancers willing to do everything from creating banners to designing logos. Imagine finding your logo that you bought from a freelancer for € 50 nearly duplicated on the internet. This is the kind of horror stories that occur in the world of freelance design. Although of course you can get jobs well done in this way, it is advisable to hire a designer committed to the success of the team.

When choosing a designer, look for someone who also has good knowledge of web usability so as to ensure that users of your page convert (especially in B2C environments). It will not do you any good to hire a designer profile, however artistic they may be, if they are not able to transform the users of your website into clients.

People judge books by their cover, especially in the digital world. A good designer will manage to transform your company into the Purple Cow of your sector, differentiating your digital marketing from that of your competition.


Web Developer

To make the design vision of your website a reality, you will need a demanding web developer who cares about doing a good job. These profiles can be difficult to find and can be quite expensive.

There are many people who know how to program and thus decide to start a career in the world of web development. This means that you have to make sure you hire the right person within the market. These are some of the essential skills that your web developer needs to have:

- How to work with CSS3.

- How to test websites before they are launched to make sure they work and meet goals.

- How to make sure that someone can resume their work in case they leave.

It is essential that your developer knows how to write code that another developer can understand and start working on it.

Web development is a field that moves at the speed of technology. Make sure you find a developer who challenges himself to constantly learn.


Digital Marketing Strategist

The Digital Marketing Strategist is in charge of putting order in the chaos that digital marketing departments  often experience. It is a profile that usually has a great knowledge of marketing mechanics. They know how to reverse engineer a company's business objectives to create relevant marketing campaigns.

The digital strategist knows how all the parts of the marketing team work together, and is a key piece in the development of your marketing agenda. He is aware of the latest trends in digital marketing and can help you devise an ideal inbound marketing workflow. He knows a little about each of the areas of digital marketing, but it is also possible that he is not an expert in any of these areas.

The most important thing is that the Digital Strategist knows the products of your company and their benefits. He must understand your value proposition not only from the B2B point of view of the business, but also from the perspective of your buyers or Buyer Personas (B2C). He must know the market and how to put together a marketing plan to attract and convert potential customers.

Digital Strategists may or may not be Web Analytics experts. In any case, it is essential that they have a firm knowledge of the world of digital analytics, the latter being the true compass of any online marketing strategy.


Digital Analytics Expert

The digital analytics expert is a key element of the digital marketing team of any company. This is the person who will help you make the most of your marketing investment, guiding you towards better business decisions based on data.

They understand how to read and manipulate reports in Google Analytics (or other marketing automation / CRM tools) and they can go back and forth through your web traffic metrics until they know how to get the most out of your company's marketing investments. They spend hours configuring Google Tag Manager and can even tell you exactly how many times a promotional video was viewed on your page and the average time users spent watching it.

They set goals of your web page and are passionate about the use of conversion metrics to test each page. They are typically motivated by numbers and think that marketing is a science, not an art. Listen to them and they will help you grow your business exponentially.


SEO Expert

SEO is one of the most delicate areas of digital marketing. Entrusting your website to a beginner in SEO can have irremediable consequences on organic positioning, with possible Google penalties.

Ask him where he would start off to optimize your web page. A good SEO should start by reviewing the search terms of your paid traffic, compare them with the terms for which your page appears in organic traffic (visible in the Google Search Console) and thus detect any discrepancies between the two . It is as simple as looking at the keywords that generate the best results in Adwords, and see if your page is positioned for these same terms in SEO.

Do not trust an SEO professional who only talks about creating content or optimizing the HTML of your website. You will need a profile that is capable of globally positioning your website for strategic keywords, and not someone who does little more than guest blogging to build links and small code optimizations to your website.


Social Media Expert

Social Media experts are often undervalued in companies, who perceive them as a simple social network aficionados who post funny things from time to time. The truth is that today consumers investigate companies and their products on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn during the purchase process. It is quite frequent to hear people saying that in the end they went for the offer of another brand that had more followers on their Facebook page and thus were preceived as more reliable...

A good Social Media expert should also have experience creating viral content. To make sure you're hiring someone who really knows how to move around in the Social Media sphere, ask them to tell you about the last time they produced content that went viral on social networks.


Digital Advertising Expert

Internet ads have changed for the better in the last five years. Even Darmesh Shah of Hubspot got relaxed a bit about this issue, stating that digital advertising is not all bad. A good digital advertising profile can help you reach the right audience using social media ads. He is able to identify an ideal audience on Facebook or LinkedIn, and to post Twitter ads to help your company gain followers.

A digital advertising specialist also usually has a deep knowledge of SEM. They can help you drive relevant paid search traffic to your website and your landing pages. Do not settle for someone who simply "knows" Google Ads. Find a professional who has taken the time to thoroughly study the Google Ads platform and who has relevant certifications of Google Display, Retargeting and Video Ads.

This is an essential profile for your team, as it will help you understand how effective advertising is to attract traffic to your website. You will know where to invest, whether to use CPC or CPM, which are the best performing audiences and how to combine SEM and SEO with advertising tactics such as remarketing.


CRM Specialist

To this day, it is difficult to conceive a marketing department that is not backed by a CRM platform. Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to reach our target audience in a personalized way. And there is no one better than an expert in CRM to create email campaigns that allow reactivating potential customers from your database and staying in the "top of mind" of your stakeholders.

A good CRM specialist will know how to recommend the most appropriate platform for your business, be it Salesforce if it is a large company, or more affordable solutions such as SugarCRM and Zoho CRM for tighter budgets.

Rather than looking for someone who has experience managing a specific CRM tool, it is best to focus on profiles that are very familiar with key CRM concepts that are ultimately found on all the leading platforms in the market.


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