How to hire great RTB talent for your business


Many companies today are becoming aware of the importance of hiring Programmatic Advertising and Real Time Bidding (RTB) profiles, since it is known that Google and Facebook Digital advertising networks are far from having a 100% user reach.

Whether it's through media agencies in search of talent to provide RTB services to their clients, or companies looking to internalise their Programmatic Advertising campaigns, the need for qualified AdTech personnel has grown exponentially in recent years in Spain.

According to Tradelab data, the percentage of investment in Programmatic Advertising on a national level amounted to 26% in 2019, which clearly indicates that companies are steering in a new direction when it comes RTB.

In this post, we offer some guidelines to help you hire the best RTB experts for your business.


What is RTB?


To have a clear understanding of what programmatic advertising (of which the RTB is only one of the possible applications), let's see below the traditional advertising model that was previously the only way for a brand to advertise on the internet.



In a traditional online advertising model, a brand X closes a deal with a website Y (for example an online newspaper), so that their ads appear in certain areas of that page. It is a 100% manual process, where human parties (rather than machines) interact until reaching an agreement.


Let's now look at the Programmatic Advertising model


The infographic above shows how, instead of closing a manual agreement between an advertising company and a publisher, the programmatic model allows the same transaction to be carried out in a fully automated way, without the need for people to intervene. All this with the advantage that advertisers do not have to manually close agreements with each of the web pages where they would like to publish their ads.


What's the difference with Google Ads


When we launch Display campaigns on Google, something similar to the programmatic purchase model occurs, with the difference that the scope of our ads is limited to those publishers who have subscribed to Google Adsense advertising programs. The RTB world offers advertisers a multitude of publisher websites that for some reason have not subscribed to Google Adsense, which allows them to reach beyond Google's advertising network.


Finding RTB talent


Profiles with generic knowledge of RTB are relatively easy to find, since many professionals in the Digital world have been in contact at some time with this type of technology, and understand the concept of programmatic buying.

The real difficulty is finding profiles with an advanced level of RTB. A good way to make a first filter is to eliminate a first batch of candidates through questions such as:

  • Explain the difference bewteen RTB and Programmatic 
  • What is a DSP platform? Can you list any?
  • How programmatic advertising differs from Google Display ads

In our experience, candidates whose CV indicates that they have been working in RTB agencies often respond satisfactorily to these three questions.

With the profiles that remain after this first screening, we can move on to the next phase consisting of a test that will help us find out the technical knowledge of our candidates.


Knowledge tests


In the case of the RTB, it is essential to carry out tests with a strong numerical and probabilistic orientation, since programmatic advertising is very anchored in the world of mathematics..

Let's see below a possible question we would ask in an RTB test:

An advertiser has bought 5 million impressions. If the end-user ad blocking software blocked 1 million impressions and it is later discovered that another million impressions were viewed by robots (non-human traffic), and if the advertiser paid a € 3.00 CPM for the 5 million impressions, what is the actual effective CPM paid by the advertiser?

[Do you know the answer? Send it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will tell you right away if you are right ;) ]

A test should also include open questions about real situations that may occur in the management of an RTB client portfolio. For example, in the case of an advertiser focused on achieving visibility for their brand through RTB campaigns, we could ask a candidate how to measure the impact of an online programmatic campaign over offline sales



Aware that programmatic advertising is becoming increasingly important in the Digital landscape, it is essential to make sure that we are hiring the best professionals in the RTB sector for our company.

At PayPerTalent, we are known for our candidate selection methodology that is based on knowledge tests to find the best talent in any Digital Marketing discipline. This assures us on the one hand that the candidates are really interested in the selection process, since the tests require significant amounts of time to complete. And on the other hand this guarantees us that our clients only interview with candidates who have demonstrated their knowledge beyond their CV.


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