Ecommerce in Spain: What are the most sought after profiles in 2020?


According to European B2C Ecommerce Report 2019 data published by EuroCommerce, Ecommerce businesses in Spain are expected to invoice in excess of 33.5 billion euros for the year 2019. A few months short of finishing the year, it's worth asking ourselves where the Ecommerce labour market is headed in 2020.

At PayPerTalent, we have helped a significant number of Spanish Ecommerce companies in their search for Digital talent in recent years. This has allowed us to carry out a predictive study about the evolution of the demand for Ecommerce profiles for the year 2020.

Our study is based on the one hand on profiles selected by our headhunting services for the Ecommerce sector, and on the other hand on surveys made to our clients about their Ecommerce investment forecasts for 2020.

This post proposes a summary of the Spanish Ecommerce labour market forecast for 2020 based on data from our research.


SEA profiles among the most sought after in Ecommerce in Spain


For the first part of our study, we focused on data from Digital Marketing candidates that we've referred to Ecommerce clients in the last 3 years.

Globally, we observe that search engine marketing profiles (SEO and SEM) are the most sought after profiles by our Ecommerce clients.

It should be noted that this trend has remained constant year after year, so it's reasonable to assume that these will continue to be the most demanded Ecommerce profiles for 2020.

SEO is the big winner of this analysis, ahead of SEM. That is because Ecommerce companies understand the importance of betting on organic Google traffic, since it is more profitable than paid traffic in the long run.

Social networks, RTB and email-marketing have a fairly equal volume of demand, while the affiliation sector still has a fairly long way to go before it can impose itself into company payrolls.

Finally, 9% of talent were hired for positions related to UX and Web Analytics. This is explained by the strong increase in visits to Ecommerce stores through mobile phones, which translates into a growing need to improve mobile user experience.


Spanish Ecommerce companies will invest primarily in search engine marketing in 2020


The second part of our study is based on a survey of our Ecommerce customers. To carry out the survey, we have asked the Marketing managers of these companies to complete an anonymous questionnaire about their investment forecasts in different Digital Marketing channels.

The companies interviewed plan to invest an average of € 950,000 in 2020, distributed as follows among the different channels of the Digital Marketing Mix:

  • SEM: 340K
  • SEO: 140K
  • Social Ads: 230K
  • E-mail Marketing: 170K
  • Programmatic / RTB: 85K

As we can see, Search Marketing (both SEM and SEO) occupies the first position in the ranking. SEM stands out against SEO, something understandable given that organic traffic depends more on the work of SEO professionals hired by our clients, while SEM mainly involves investments in Paid Advertising platforms such as Google Ads that easily exceed the payroll cost of an SEO Manager.

The investment in Social Networks comes in second position of our survey, something not really surprising considering the omnipresence of Facebook Ads in the Digital Marketing plans of Ecommerce companies.

E-mail Marketing comes next in our client's ranking, probably because many companies resort to their own CRM database for promotional mailings, which considerably reduces the level of spending on this channel.

Finally, we see that the most recent trends in Digital Marketing that are programmatic advertising and RTB occupy a minor position in the digital budgets of our Ecommerce clients. This can be explained by the fact that a lot of our Ecommerce clients aren't familiar enough with these new trends, although RTB is a market that is growing at full speed in Spain.


Ecommerce companies will invest more in Mobile than in Desktop in 2020


Our survey ends with a question about the percentage of the global investment that our Ecommerce clients plan to make in the Mobile channel.

It turns out that the companies analyzed are planning investments in the Mobile channel in excess of €500,000 by 2020, thus topping the forecast of expenses over the Desktop channel. A fact that is really not surprising, knowing that the Mobile channel is increasingly demanded by internet users.

This data is also a good indicator of the growing demand for specialized UX profiles, as Ecommerce companies are increasingly betting on Mobile user experience.



Our analysis reveals a clear trend in the Ecommerce sector towards Search Engine Marketing (SEM and SEO). This is indicated both by the volume of candidates hired in these areas by our clients through our Digital Marketing Headhunting Service, and by the results of the investment forecast survey where we also see that our clients mostly bet on SEA channels.

Another interesting conclusion of our study can be seen in the preference of our customers for the Mobile channel in their 2020 Digital Marketing plan. We will probably see an increase in the demand for specialized profiles in Mobile UX in the coming months, since many Ecommerce companies are aware they need to improve their website's mobile user experience in order to stay in the game.


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