How to create your Digital Marketing team


A successful marketing strategy in the digital age requires a very diverse set of skills. Small businesses often try to hire all-rounder profiles that can cover, albeit more superficially, all the disciplines of digital marketing.

However, as Steve Jobs said in one of his famous motivational talks: "It doesn't matter how good you are in your job. At one point, you will have to surround yourself with competent people to continue growing. "

Here are the profiles you should look for to create a Digital Marketing team that will keep your business growing online.

How to retain Digital Marketing Talent in your company


To this day, talent retention is a global problem, present in all areas of a company. While Baby Boomers saw as an ideal thing to spend their whole life in the same company, more recent generations such as Millenials think the opposite. What was previously perceived as a loyal employee committed to your company, today is labeled a "stagnant" employee who has failed to reinvent himself.

The top 10 Google Adwords job interview questions


That's it, you just got this long awaited confirmation in your mailbox that the company you've applied to liked your CV and would like to interview you for a Google Adwords Campaign Manager job. But how do you prepare for such an interview?

How much should you be spending on a Digital Analytics Manager?


Digital analytics are fundamental to any business that is serious about having an online presence. This is an undisputed fact that most marketing directors are keen to embrace nowadays. But how much should a company be spending on digital analytics? Is your company spending the right amount of money on analysing its web traffic data?

How to find a good Digital Marketing headhunter


To meet the digital industry's growing demand, the market has been witnessing in recent years  an increasing number of profiles focused on the recruitment of digital talent. Among them, we can highlight three different types of headhunters, all of them focused on the search of digital profiles: generalist headhunting agencies, specialist headhunting agencies, and finally freelance headhunters. In this post, we propose to analyse the pros and cons of each of them.

How much can you earn in Digital Marketing in the UK?

In the last few years, Digital Marketing has become one of the sectors with the highest in-demand jobs in the UK. Community Manager, SEM/SEO and web analyst profiles are highly regarded by companies of all industries, and each year there are new Postgrad and Master courses available to tackle the growing demand for qualified Digital Marketing workers nationwide. But just how much can you earn working in Digital Marketing in the UK? Is it worth salary wise to throw oneself in the arena of such a competitive sector?

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